Tips & rules

Please have a read - don't miss the tips from previous sellers at the bottom

Below are some tips along with rules put together to help you get organised for Baby Bazaar market days. You can also read a few tips from some of the previous stall sellers at Baby Bazaar to get extra prepared for the day.

Below are some tips along with rules put together to help you get organised for Baby Bazaar market days. You can also read a few tips from some of the previous stall sellers at Baby Bazaar to get extra prepared for the day.

1. You must arrive at Baby Bazaar between 7.15-8am to set up your table.


2. Tables are allocated on a first come basis. Please note that you can not sign in a friend if they also have booked a table. Should you wish to be on tables beside one another you should arrive together to sign in to guarantee being beside one another (subject to table availability).


3. Signing in will start at 7.30am if we are set up and there are sellers waiting, we will start at 7.15am NOT EARLIER. DO NOT arrive earlier than this time please.


4. Your table MUST be fully set up by 8.45am ready for a 9am start. 

5. Second-hand and business tables are all the same size: 185cm x 80cm (1.8m x 0.8m). Tables are permitted to bring one clothes rail each, no longer than 1 metre long, or they can rent one from us for AED 35 (including AED 15 refundable deposit). Please ensure that your items do not protrude into the aisles once set up as this is a health and safety hazard. We do not supply hangers, so make sure you bring your own.

6. No items are to be stored behind your table. If you have too many items for your table, please store these under your table OR put them back in your car. We will ask you to clear anything behind or around your table.


7. Large items must be placed in the 'Parking Lot' area at our market. This area will be overseen by a member of our team but we will not be responsible for selling your items. The Parking Lot is for the purpose of showcasing the large items that do not fit on or around your table (high chairs, prams, cots etc). You will be given tickets on the morning of the market to write your price/table number on and attach to your item (further instructions will be provided on the market day).

8. NO suitcases or Brown cardboard or Kibsons boxes or additional tables/shelves are allowed on or around your table. If you require extra space then we will have suitable boxes available for hire in advance or on the day (subject to availability) for AED 10 each including a AED 10 deposit which will be refunded to you on returning the box. These will only be available to mums who don't have 3 medium/large items on the floor around their table.

9. Please make sure that all clothes you are selling have been washed and don’t have any stains or rips in them. All toys, books etc should be cleaned thoroughly and batteries should be replaced. Once again, sell items in a condition that you would want to buy them in.

10. How you price your baby/maternity items is up to you - you can price individually or have a price list in a frame on your table. You will most likely find that people will want to negotiate with you so have a 'lowest price' figure prepared in your mind.Price your items reasonably, don't over price and only price items at a price that you would be prepared to pay for yourself.

11. Make sure you bring change (lots of AED 5 and AED 10 notes). Also make the most of re-cycling and bring any carrier bags you have at home. 

12. Smile and talk to you customers! Tell them about your baby or toddler items and how much your son/daughter enjoyed playing with them and so on. You know these items better than anyone!

13. Please keep your eyes on your table and avoid spreading your items out too far from the area around your table. There have been isolated reports of small things going missing so it’s best to be aware.


14. Baby and toddler clothes need to be put into boxes/containers and categorised by age and gender (boy 0-6 months or girls 3-4 years). If you pile your clothes on your table they become messy extremely quickly making extra work for you and making it easier for thieves to take advantage. Alternatively you can bundle items together and sell them for a set price (3 onesies for dhs 15 for example) to avoid people rummaging. 

15. Bring some refreshments for the day as it might be hard to leave your stall - of course you can always ask a neighbour to mind your stall whilst you dash to grab a coffee or sandwich!

16. Packing up will start from 2pm (when the market ends) Unless you sell out, you must stay until 2pm. 

17. Have FUN!


Some REALLY useful Tips from a few of our previous stall sellers!

- If you're going to price items individually then do so with an optimistic price, then offer deals/discounts the more the person buys. I also refused to negotiate at the start and told them I'd negotiate in an hour or so but everything was sticker price initially and most of it sold at about that. Also do bring random things even if you don't think they will sell! Split stuff up on the table so it is clear what things are for what ages

- One tip for future sellers would be to have boxes of things with one price, that worked really well for me with toys and clothes


- The presentation of your products is very important - think about how you would like to decorate your table and give a very personal touch. And: take enough change with you! You'll need it.  :-)


- Don't overprice things, if you do you won't sell them!! Simple :) Better to sell things than end up taking it home. Make sure you are there early to set up as the majority of my good stuff went before 10am! People seemed keen very early.

- In terms of pricing, my clothes ranged from 1 dhs to 10 dhs … depending on quality and brand….. For very small new born baby stuff i.e. Baby grow or t shirt it was 5 dhs and under, toddler dresses 5 – 10 dhs ….. I was cheap I think, but I wanted rid and would have given to someone or charity, so got something for them! 


- If you have a lot of clothes left towards the end of the market, consider doing a buy 1 get 1 free. I found this attracted a lot of people to my table and worked well.


- I had a few instances where I had priced something super cheap because it might have had a mark or a minuscule hole and then had a buyer trying to seriously haggle on the price because it was defective.  When i explained that that is why it was priced so low I really found myself not winning the argument. In future I'd price an item like that higher so I had some wiggle room at the table

- Make your stand attractive to buyers. Have a nice cloth, clear signs and well laid out table. Don't overcrowd your table. Lay items in their groups, ie, toys, rompers, shirts, 1year old...etc...

- Consider putting out items regularly and re-stocking your items as they buy out. For example, having lots of jump suits on display can be overwhelming for a buyer. Put out the good ones and engage the buyer (with a smile!) and then let them know you have more available.

- Bundle items. Buyers love a bargain so label as AED5 each or 4 for AED20. Stock will move and buyers feel like they are receiving value.

- Smile!  Welcome people to your stand. Be Memorable!  People will remember your courteous and welcoming nature and offer to help them with sizes and needs. Ask them what they may be looking for, ie, girls 1 year old.

- Work with other stall members, it is a lovely community. I sold my Maxi-cosi carriers but didn't have the base but noticed that another vendor did and sent my buyer to them. Both sellers sold their items and the buyer was happy. Win-win!

- Bring Plastic bags - lots of them!