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Tips & rules

Please have a read - don't miss the tips from previous sellers at the bottom

Below are some tips along with rules put together to help you get organised for Baby Bazaar market days. You can also read a few tips from some of the previous stall sellers at Baby Bazaar to get extra prepared for the day.


  • In advance of the market please email me some photos of items that you are going to be selling at this week’s market for me to post on our facebook page; these will be posted as eg “Catherine’s Table” and it really does help draw buyers straight to your table!

  • We really would like to stress that well presented tables will help your sales - you don’t need to spend hours labelling items but make it easy for people to shop. For example, use plastic boxes on your table to group items - eg Baby Grows 0-3 months. Organised and well presented tables always do the best. Don't overfill your tables - it is better to put items under your table and replenish as you go rather than have everything piled high!

  • Be realistic on pricing - people want a deal. It can be ‘painful’ when you have paid a lot for an item and you’re selling it on, but the aim of Baby Bazaar is for you to clear the clutter and pass things on to a new home.

  • Do some deals - for example - Books AED 10 each OR 5 for AED 40.

  • Haggling - you will get some shoppers who are hard hagglers! Be firm - if you don’t want to discount an item more than what you’ve said then that’s absolutely fine, just be firm that that’s your final price.

  • Remember to bring your own hangers - we don't have any for rent

  • Plan your table, make sure you replenish as you go. The tables that do best are those which are well displayed and not over cluttered - we will tell you to put stuff away if your table is over cluttered or you will be charged for additional table space.

  • Your table measures 1.8m x 0.8m covered with a black table cloth and one stool. You are able to place items on your table and 0.5m around your table. If you need more space than this, ensure you book 2 tables.

  • Well organized tables do the best at Baby Bazaar. It is better to have a tidy table and replenish. DO NOT BRING TOO MUCH for the space you have booked.

  • There is a charity bin in the car park should you wish to donate at the end of the market. Also Thrift for Good (charity shop located on 1st floor) will accept clothing items (must be clean and in excellent condition). 


  • Arrive to pick your table between 7:30am - 8:00am. Tables will be allocated on a first come basis. Your table MUST be fully set up by 8.45am ready for a 9amstart. Please note that you can not sign in a friend if they also have booked a table. Should you wish to be on tables beside one another you should arrive together to sign in to guarantee being beside one another (subject to table availability). 

  • Signing in will start at 7.30am if we are set up and there are sellers waiting, we will start at 7.15am NOT EARLIER. DO NOT arrive earlier than this time please. If you arrive before sign in starts, please queue up to register at our Registration Desk, keeping 2m apart from the person in front / behind you.

  • You are allowed larger items on the floor around your table - max 0.5m around your table. These items can be medium or larger items (eg a pushchair,  walker, bumbo etc) or a  boxes containing multiple items (not brown cardboard boxes). This must not exceed more that 0.5m of space out from your table. Small loose items like shoes are not allowed loose on the floor. They must be in boxes.

  • Please note that if all of your items do not fit on, under or behind your table then you will be asked to keep them in your car until you have enough space to fit them on your table. You can not have loose items on the floor. You will be asked to move these if they are on the floor.

  • You are allowed a maximum of TWO Hanging Rail per table, each rail must not exceed 1m in length. You are welcome to bring a rail from home, or rent from us. Hanging Rails are available for hire for AED 35 (including a AED 15 refundable deposit) or you're welcome to bring your own.

  • No items are to be stored behind your table. If you have too many items for your table, please store these under your table OR put them back in your car. We will ask you to clear anything behind or around your table.

  • NO suitcases, brown cardboard or Kibsons boxes on or around your table. If you require extra space then we will have suitable boxes available for hire in advance or on the day (subject to availability) for AED 10 each including a AED 10 deposit which will be refunded to you on returning the box.

  • We do not recommend table sharing as it generally leads to people trying to cram 2 full tables worth onto one table and it looks messy and messy tables don't do well. If you do this and have too much for the table, you will be told to put items back in your car or you will have to pay for a second table. If you are sharing a table with a friend you MUST only have the quantity of items for 1 table. If you have excessive items you will either need to clear items away or you will be required to take a separate table for which you will be charged.

  • No new items to be sold on second hand tables - if you have a few unused items eg unused gifts, clothes you never got around to using, that is fine. But you can not sell multiple new items. If you arrive with items like this, you may well be turned away, asked to pack them away or classed as being a Business Table and to pay accordingly for this type of table.

  • You must stay for the duration of the market (until 2pm).

  • Please be considerate of your neighbors, don't spread out or block their table. We will ask you to move items if necessary. Baby Bazaar is an event for mums to buy and sell, we want everyone to enjoy it!

  • Ensure at the end of the market that you take all of your belongings and any litter home with you. You are not to leave items in the mall for our team to dispose of. There is a charity bin in the car park should you wish to donate at the end of the market alternatively speak to the team at Thrift for Good (1st floor) who take donations of clothes and shoes.

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