Market dates

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Markets are held every first Friday and last Saturday of the month in Times Square Center Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The confirmed remaining Dubai market dates for 2021

     Saturday Markets 


  • Saturday 25th September TIMES SQUARE CENTER

  • Saturday 30th October TIMES SQUARE CENTER

  • Saturday 27th November TIMES SQUARE CENTER

  • Saturday 11th December TIMES SQUARE CENTER

     Friday Markets 
  • November 5th TIMES SQUARE CENTER
  • December 3rd TIMES SQUARE CENTER
What we provide: A table measuring 185cm x 80cm covered with a black table cloth & one stool. 
In addition you can hire hanging rails and boxes from us to help you with your display.
If you would like to be a part of one of our Baby Bazaar Market Days in 2021 please click  'Book A Table'.
Our Saturday market is our more established market, hence the price difference for the table. But as we have worked so hard to grow our Friday markets, we are seeing very similar footfall at each event. 
Saturday Markets - AED 295 for Second Hand Tables and AED 400 for Business Tables
Friday Markets - AED 200 for Second Hand Tables and AED 300 for Business Tables
PLEASE NOTE: All Prices are subject to 5% VAT