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Market dates

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Baby Bazaar takes place on the first Saturday of every month in Times Square Center, SZR

See below for all of our market dates.

We also operate The Thrift Market which is a separate second hand market. Visit for information.



We look forward to welcoming you to Baby Bazaar on the below 2024 dates in TIMES SQUARE CENTER

Saturday, 6th January 
Sunday, 21st January (Thrift Market)

Saturday,3rd February 
Sunday,18th February (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 2nd March
Sunday,17th March (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 6th April
Sunday, 21st April (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 4th May
Sunday, 19th May (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 1st June 
Sunday, 16th June (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 6th July 
Sunday, 21st July (Thrift Market)

Saturday,3rd August 
Sunday, 18th August (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 7th September
Sunday, 22nd September (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 5th October 
Sunday, 20th October (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 2nd November 
Sunday, 17th November (Thrift Market)

Saturday, 7th December
Sunday, 8th December (Thrift Market)

What we provide: A table measuring 185cm x 80cm covered with a black table cloth & one stool. 

In addition you can hire hanging rails and boxes from us to help you with your display.

If you would like to be a part of one of our Baby Bazaar Market Days in 2024 please click  'Book A Table'.
Second Hand tables are AED 295 + VAT
Business Tables are AED 400 + VAT

PLEASE NOTE: All Prices are subject to 5% VAT
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