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Baby Bazaar is a unique indoor market for mums to sell quality, pre-loved baby, toddler and maternity items that are still in good condition. It is not a market for ‘trash and treasure’ but for mums to find reasonably priced, good quality second-hand toys, books, clothes, prams, highchairs and much more.

Items that CAN be sold
Quality pre-loved baby, toddler and maternity items only.

Items that CANNOT be sold

Anything unrelated to babies, toddler and pregnant mums or items that are in poor working condition or unsafe in any way.

Non pre-loved items
Baby Bazaar is primarily for mums to sell their pre-loved baby, toddler and maternity items. However, a limited number of stalls are available for small businesses (usually run by mums) selling new products or services related to babies, toddlers or pregnant mothers. If your items are not pre-loved and you do not have prior permission to display and sell, you may be asked to remove them.

Table safety
Stall sellers are responsible for the safety of their table and the area surrounding their table. Please ensure there are no items protruding into the aisles in front of your table so as to allow prams to pass by easily and to avoid any accidents (there will be children running around the market).

Be vigilant
“Three groups spend other people’s money: children, thieves, politicians. All three need supervision”! Unfortunately markets attract thieves so please watch your items closely. If you spread your items out too far from your table you will not be able to properly monitor them. Stall owners with a lot of items should be extra vigilant. Baby Bazaar will not take responsibility for theft, loss or damage of any items displayed.

Clearing up
All unsold items should be taken home with the stall seller. Alternatively they can choose to donate any items they have not sold to a charity linked to Baby Bazaar.

Refund Policy
Our refund policy is time based as we only have a limited number of tables.

The amount refundable is as follows:
1 months or more notice = 100% refund.
2 Weeks or more notice = 50%
13 days or less = No refund.

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