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Below are a few “Sellers Tips” I have put together to help you get organised for the market days. We also have a few tips from our previous stall sellers which some of you may find useful.

1. Please arrive at Times Square mall between 8:15-9:00am to set up your table. You will be allocated a table on a first come first serve basis so the earlier you get there the better. The market officially starts at 10am but buyers start to arrive at 9:30am (to be the first to buy all of the good quality items!) so it’s strongly recommended you arrive by 9am at the latest to be set up for a 9:30am start

2.  If you have a table cloth or sheet you can drape over your table to make it look more attractive to buyers then bring it along - you are trying to sell so the more presentable you make your stall look the more sales you will make! Take pride in your table :)

3. Depending on which table you have paid for, the table dimensions are as follows:
Medium tables - 160cm x 60cm (dhs 200).
Large tables - 185cm x 80cm (dhs 295).

You will have a bit of room behind and either side of your table to put a few large items like highchairs, prams etc. Some people are bringing small clothes rails which will also be fine. Please ensure that your items do not protrude into the aisle when setting up as this could prove to be a health and safety hazard.

4. Price your items reasonably and sell more! Don't over price and only price items at a price that you would be prepared to pay for it yourself.

5. Please make sure that all clothes you are selling have been washed and don’t have any stains (for example, sicky stains around the neckline)..  All toys, books etc should be cleaned thoroughly. Once again, sell items in a condition that you would want to buy them in.

6. How you price your baby items is up to you - you can price individually or have a price list in a frame on your table with 'prices negotiable' (if your prices are negotiable!) You will most likely find that people will want to negotiate with you so be prepared in your mind what you would be happy to let things go at.

7. If you have any plastic bags, please bring them along for your buyers.

8. Smile and talk to you customers! Tell them about your baby items and how much your son/daughter enjoyed playing with them and so on. You know these items better than anyone!

9. Please keep your eyes on your tables and avoid spreading your items out too far away from your table area. There have been isolated reports of small things going missing so it’s best to be aware.

10. Bring some refreshments for the day as it might be hard to leave your stall - but you can always ask a neighbour to mind your stall whilst you dash to caribou!

11. Packing up will start from 2pm (when the market ends).

12. Have FUN!

Some useful Tips from a few of our previous stall sellers!!

  • It helps to price items individually with an optimistic price, then offer deals/discounts the more the person buys. I also refused to negotiate at the start and told them I'd negotiate in an hour or so but everything was sticker price initially and most of it sold at about that. Also do bring random things even if you don't think they will sell! Split stuff up on the table so it is clear what things are for what ages
  • One tip for future sellers would be to have boxes of things with one price, that worked really well for me with toys and clothes
  • If you are selling clothes it's a good idea to group items by age (under 1 year, 2-3 years and so on). That way when people come to your table they don't have to pull everything out, they can go straight to the clothes that are relevant to them.
  • The presentation of your products is very important - think about how you would like to decorate your table and give a very personal touch. And: take enough change with you! You'll need it.  :-)
  • Don't overprice things, if you do you won't sell them!! Simple:)  Make sure you are there early to set up as the majority of my good stuff went before 10am! People seemed keen very early.
  • If you have a lot of clothes left towards the end of the market, consider doing a buy 1 get 1 free. I found this attracted a lot of people to my table and worked well.
  • I had a few instances where I had priced something super cheap because it might have had a mark or a minuscule hole and then had a buyer trying to seriously haggle on the price because it was defective.  When i explained that that is why it was priced so low I really found myself not winning the argument. In future I'd price an item like that higher so I had some wiggle room at the table. 




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